The Designer of Tomorrow!

The designer of tomorrow

Creative writer? Interior designer? Furniture maker? Or just an enthusiast working from home and trying to get a chance?
BestChairz has something for you!

It is open for everyone. The Designer of Tomorrow Challenge is here! What you need to do is this.

Hannah is a girl from United States who has gone to Nigeria with a UN delegation and has to stay there for about 2 years. Write what you think she needs there and also what she will setup once she goes there. You can add as much as you like as there is no word limit nor a fixed threshold.

What you need to remember is that your submission should have the following to be considered as a qualified entry.

  1. A transcript of what she should take from US to Nigeria to suit her needs.
  2. An account of what she needs to buy once there.
  3. Another manual about how she will set up her room in Nigeria.
  4. Most importantly, suggestions how should she try and incorporate into the Nigerian culture and civilization.

Pick up your pens and just get ready as the prize for The Designer of Tomorrow Challenge is a hefty $1800 that you can put into your admission fees or can buy the gadgets you always wanted! Show us what you have got.

The deadline for the Challenge is 21st December, 2018!

The submission can be done by uploading on your blogs and forums and then posting the links on our Facebook Page. You can also check on to our Black Friday deals.