Imagine the unexpected satisfactory period of your life having your chubby adorable baby in a high chair, playing jollily and eating cheerfully with mashed foods all around his cheeks! That is feasible by getting your baby one of the best high chairs.


Since day one, great parents have always tried to facilitate their children in all possible ways. Even before their children’s birth, they keep all the important materials ready, which include the best high chair and comfy rocking chair, along with the other necessities like soft and digestible food, peaceful environment and adorable cloths. As an excited parent, the list of your child’s need and necessity goes on and on, and you always opt for the best quality for your child.


After feeding and settling down the cries of your newborn baby, you onwards around after 4 months find your baby being familiar with the people around, more jolly and enthusiastic enough to move here and there thrillingly; that indicates the need of the best high chair that is easy enough to use, comfortable enough to sit for a decent period of time, stable enough to feed on, also easy to clean and adjustable to save space.

Normally, the high chairs are manufactured for the comfort of a child of around 5 to 6 months regardless of some exceptions, but it will fruitful if you get your child the best high chair after you move on to the solids.


Keep in mind before buying a high chair:

best high chairs for babiesConsidering in the mind the comfort of your 4 or 5 months old child, never hesitate to take time and devise thoroughly as we offer high chairs-variety of colors, features, size and quality. As you get single high chair for your baby, let you and your baby have a good experience with it.


You may find high chairs with a large size, occupying large area of the dining room, but don’t worry if you have terrible with the large one and don’t have oodles in the dining area as you will also be having the option of the high chair, which you can adjust accordingly; such as, you can fold it or other.

You can disclose and use it whenever needed, henceforth fold, close and keep it in your storeroom after being done with it. While disclosing it, make sure, if the chair is stable or not before keeping your baby in it for your baby’s security as sometimes, it may feel like stable, but may not be secure.

Moreover, you can also take it out when you are having your meal out and can peacefully enjoy your time with your family without worrying about your baby.

Easy to clean:

Trusting your ability, you might adjust without a high chair; but during feeding your baby food in your lap or any other baby gear, you will observe the mess all around you due to your moving and thrilled baby as babies at that time enjoys their freedom.

Hence, it will be convenient enough to get one as the high chair provides the plastic tray or model, on which the baby can be fed. Even if it gets dirty, that can be easily cleaned, as it is wipe able!

While moving here and there and having a look on it, you will be content with your clean space rather than having the pressure of wiping out the untidy ones!

Safe for playing:

Sometimes it happens that you get some work and can’t also keep your baby alone. Despite of hiring babysitter or else, get your best high chair!The high chair is not only best for feeding, but also safe for letting your baby to play in as it also gives space to set some blocks, whistles, bells and other playing materials.

Upright Positioning:

Can you believe that high chairs can also grow?

Yes, it does! One of the plus points for having a high chair is that you can upright its position according to your child’s age.It can be adjusted into different heights like from booster seat to toddler and the toddler is later converted into the kid-sized chair. Therefore, you need to opt for the best high chair that be with you for the long time being.

What is the best chair for babies in 2018?

To be honest, I don’t know anything about which is the best. How would I know until and unless I don’t know your requirements and your aptitudes?

But yes, I can tell you about the ones that are quite well off in terms of best selling high chairs. Rest, I leave to you if that particular high chair works for you or not!


1. Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale High Chair- Best high chair for babies

Ingenuity best high chairThis is the reason why it is considered one of the best-selling brands for babies’ furniture.

This 3-in-1 chair is also a specimen of fine craftsmanship of the sellers. It serves two needs of a mom with a baby; booster high chair as well as a toddler high chair. Similarly, it has a recline with three preset positions which means you can set it as the baby likes. Overall, it is a great best high chair for twins or siblings of same age!

Three in one:

It can be opened in to turn into 3 dining chairs at once or can be used likewise. I don’t know if any of my readers has a trio of babies, but it will work well for twins too. If you don’t have twins, better luck next time!

Easy to wash:

Another thing which makes this three in one high chair the best is that its seat pad is very easy to clean, and one can wash it quite easily either by rubbing softly by hand or in a washing machine. However, for maximum life of the high chair, we recommend that you use a washing machine for cleaning purpose.

Want it for twin?

If you have twins or want to buy a 3-in-1 high chair for siblings of close age, this one is highly recommended. We assure you that you will love it!

Preset comfortable recline:

It all depends on the mood of the baby. As one of the best selling high chairs for babies, Ingenuity has installed three reclining positions that are equally comfortable. It just depends on what your baby wants. And all the reclining postures are equally safe so don’t worry that your baby will fall out in any case.

It grows with the baby!

Yes! Now you don’t need to worry for the probability that maybe this chair won’t be as suitable for your baby as he grows. Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 high chair can be increased in its height as desired making sure that the feet of your sweet baby stay off the ground in the safest possible manner.

  • Multi-purpose serving as a booster as well as a toddler high chair
  • Highly customizable as desired
  • Durable and long-lived
  • Easy to clean and best high chair for small spaces
  • The plastic fixtures may cause some issues
  • Extra features which might not be used all the time.


2. Evenflo Best convertible high chair for babies

EVENflow best convertible high chairYou don’t need to buy a lot of chairs if you want your baby to enjoy various sitting postures and heights above the ground. It is highly customizable and can be converted into any of the available forms in no time. While this quality adds to the value of the high chair as a whole, it also ensures that as your baby grows up this chair stays to offer maximum protection and safety.

The perfect companion for your baby:

Evenflo high chair serves as the most loyal companion to your child as he grows up from infancy to toddler. This high chair incorporates most of the required sitting heights and postures that are essential for a baby.

Comfortable and Convertible:

It is not only comfortable but also a convertible high chair that allows you the liberty to use it in any of the available three forms. All of these forms were designed in a manner that they provide the baby with maximum comfort and keeps his posture well too.

Use it as a high chair:

The very first way of using it as the name suggests is as a high chair for babies where their feet are well off the ground and they can sit upright on the high chair. You can make a baby of 6 months or older sit on it and he will be perfectly at ease to be fed by the babysitter on the high chair.

Use it as a time chair:

Once your baby learns to sit upright and is old enough to sit with his feet on the floor, use this Evenflo high chair as a time chair which is the lowest possible height for a baby to sit. It will be great as the baby will feel some weight on his knees and it will help him to walk better later on.

Use it as a feeding high chair and table:

Once your child learns to sit and walks with some support, you can let him eat more independently on a feeding high chair and table. Yes, it has a feeding table with it too. It means you have the complete control on what you want out of this high chair by Evenflo.

The colorful dots:

This high chair comes with two colors namely lime and rose. Its seat is covered with dots all over that have been loved by babies. This overall gives a bright and colorful experience.

  • It is a bright and the right high chair for babies!